Kim Kardashian is again making headlines after her newest sexy "SKIMS" campaign got accused of having borderline plagiarised another's photoshoot idea.

The CEO of the shapewear company and the "Keeping With The Kardashians" star is under attack as another reality star exposed the similarities of the "SKIMS" shoots to her own. On Wednesday, Kim had launched her latest Skims cotton collection, which had her sister Kourtney and Megan Fox as models.

The two women were photographed closely pressed against each other in the ad campaign. And as seen on the posted images, they were wearing only the brand's underwear and a fruit prop in between them.

Sources reported that the plagiarism allegations began circulation a few hours after the said photoshoot's pictures got posted. The incriminating photo had been the one with the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star feeding cherries to the "Jennifer's Body" actress.

Kim Kardashian Gets Called Out

The call-out originated from Kardashian's former friend, Kristen Noel Crawley, who took her claims  to social media.

Crawley made her opinion about Kim's campaign public by bringing up an old photoshoot that featured Draya Michele and Tanya Henry.

The KNC Beauty's founder posted the photoset on her Instagram story for comparison. However, the post has now expired.

Buzzfeed managed to take a screenshot of Kristen Noel's IG story, which showed the two models occupying a couch in their lingerie. It showed the same fruit prop, but it was the ex-reality star who was feeding Henry a cherry that time around.

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Draya Michele Spreads the Tea

Based on this article, the two businesswomen had been close friends as Kristen even modeled for one of Skim's campaigns in 2019. The two had a subtle fallout in 2020 after Crawley unfollowed the KKW Beauty boss on her socials.

Kimmy's ex-bestie had captioned the post, "Black women are always the blueprint and don't you forget it," while also tagging Draya and Tanya. 

The former "Basketball Wives" starlet reposted the image with the addition of sassy nail polish emoji over on her stories which garnered the attention of her 8.5 million followers.

A representative of a different publication has already reached out to the Kardashian sisters to comment on the issue but has yet to receive a reply.

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