Jerry O'Connell has been a host of "The Talk" for a few months now after Sharon Osbourne left the show, but is it true that he's leaving his co-panelists behind because of their negativity?

According to a report published by the National Enquirer, O'Connell is facing problems already despite being a co-host for only three months. One source claims there are things behind the scenes that the actor didn't see when he was guest hosting, and he doesn't like to work in "such a negative atmosphere."

The insider mentioned that Sheryl Underwood and Amanda Kloots treat O'Connell like "he's some sort of lackey."

The actor is reportedly fed up with the bullying prompting him to leave the show. In addition, the production is said to be treating O'Connell as if he's on audition while "Akbar is treated like a God," and it's an insult to him.

Although he wanted to leave the show as soon as possible, he had no choice but to finish the season. The only thing he could do was vent out his frustration to Rebecca Romijn, the actor's wife.

Furthermore, the tipster reveals O'Connell has been "whining" to Romijn about how sick he is, and he could see why Sharon Osbourne "had such a miserable time."

O'Connell is reportedly doing his best to honor the contract he signed, but when the time comes, and he still feels miserable every day, he will drop the show to focus on himself.

In the meantime, the actor is doing his best to "put on a happy face" and do his job correctly, but his wife's friends think he needs to try harder.

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Jerry O'Connell Leaving 'The Talk' Debunked

After the report was published, Suggest debunked the claims saying the show had a different tone and became almost "drama-free" after Osbourn left the panel.

A recent interview also proves that O'Connell is enjoying his time on the show as his co-host said the show's latest season has been "amazing" because of its "family atmosphere."

"It's been amazing because we all have so much in common with each other. We have a family atmosphere, but I also love that Akbar and Jerry teach me about fantasy football and it's really fun." Underwood said. (via CBS Sacramento)

Underwood added that O'Connell has been a "rascal" ever since joining the show as he makes everyone "laugh so hard."

The actor is also thankful for his co-host as they were so welcoming when he entered this season.

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