Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly unhappy that she had garnered only 1% of votes during California's recall election.

The media wrote several articles about how badly the Governor-elect had handled her loss to Gavin Newsom. The National Enquirer via Suggest even claims that Jenner would need "therapy and some form of rehab" in the aftermath of her recent campaign loss.

The publication painted the TV personality as someone who has terrible sportsmanship and can't accept the public's decision.

A direct quote stated that Caitlyn "has been crying herself to sleep after her humiliating" and "mortifying" landslide loss in the ballots. An insider revealed that her failure to secure the spot as the state's Governor had hit "like a ton of bricks!"

Caitlyn Loses to Gavin Newsom

Not taking the loss very well, the politician had allegedly "been in floods of tears and crying herself to sleep, asking how things could have turned out so badly."

The same source revealed that Caitlyn's financial investment in her campaign had also been a big part of her reaction to the news. "She's out of pocket by several million [dollars]," the insider said, even sharing that "everyone seems to be laughing" at Jenner's poor monetary decision.

The celebrity had never confirmed any of these unfounded rumors. Instead, Jenner had described her journey in politics as one of the most rewarding experiences in her lifetime.

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Caitlyn Comments on Newsom's Win

After California announced that Gov. Gavin Newsom would get to keep his position, the first thing that his rival said was that it was a "shame."

"I can't believe that this many people actually voted to keep him in office," the former Olympic athlete said when reporters asked her for comments. On the other hand, the Democrat remained "humble" and "grateful" for not losing the people's trust.

The difference between the number of supporters between the two candidates had been significantly massive as the latter received 5.8 million votes in total.

According to People, this is not the end of Caitlyn Jenner's political career, as she is still considering running for the Governor's position in the next electoral run. The 71-year old Republican candidate had also been eyeing a spot in the Senate.

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