Tug-a-war is deadly, but prank phone calls are where Squid Game draws the line. It has come to the attention of many, as stated in The Hollywood Reporter, that the phone number used in the show is not a fake TV number. It is also not a number that will enter you into a million dollar competition. No, the number belongs to a very real South Korean person who has suddenly become very popular. The owner of the number has reportedly received over 4,000 calls a day from those declaring that they want to compete in Squid Game.

Squid Game players and guards
(Photo : Via Netflix)

Also...isn't it a bit concerning that 4,000 people a day are like, "Deadly red-light-green-light for the chance to win money? Sign me up!" We could take time here to contemplate the terrifying and all-consuming, corporate centralized culture of greed throughout the world, or we can keep talking about these prank calls.

So, back to the prank phone calls.

squid games movie stills
(Photo : Netflix )

A similar fate has befallen those with numbers similar to the one that appears on the hit Netflix show. Two others, one with a one-number difference and one with a two-number difference, have also received an onslaught of phone calls from those vying to join the game. While the plan of these two remains unclear, the recipient of these phone calls cannot change their number because they are a real person with clients and not the head of Squid Game Recruitment. (I mean, to each their own, but I feel like their clients would understand.)

Squid Game Stills
(Photo : Netflix )

Therefore, instead of strong-arming the fateful three into making a change, the scenes featuring the phone number are going to be cut from the series. (Because no one saved the number. This will definitely fix everything.) Personally, I think the best plan at this point is to lean in: sign people up, start the games! People are clearly into it! Also, since the phone number was on what Netflix's CEO has predicted may be "our biggest show ever," do the numbers get an IMDB credit?
Check out Squid Game on Netflix! (And write down that number before it's gone!)