Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are reportedly teaming up together for a film despite their differences following their 2005 divorce. Fans can't wait to see them both in a movie as they never had the chance to star on the big screen together.

According to a report published by OK! Magazine back in March, the former couple was working on a new project. They already had a "flirty" table read of the movie "Fast Time At Ridgemont High."

Per the magazine's insider, the two seem to get along with each other as onlookers reveal they "had so much fun during the reading," and the movie is long overdue because it has been on their "to-do list" ever since they started seeing each other.

However, an on-screen romance never happened while they were together because they got divorced.

But now, since they are on good terms, the two are looking forward to starting all over again for their long-awaited film, but they still need to find the proper script.

There's a Major Problem

After the report was published, Suggest weighed in to debunk the claims saying there's one major problem. The outlet said the magazine didn't mention that Brad Pitt's schedule for the next year is jampacked as he's expected to star in several films, including "Babylon," which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

There's a possibility for them to work on a film together as they are on good terms and fans would be interested to see them once again. But, since the report was published earlier this year, if it's true, the exes should've announced something over the past few months, but they never did.

At the time of this writing, neither Jennifer Aniston nor Brad Pit has confirmed whether there's a film in the works or not.

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Previous Report About Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt's Film

According to a report previously published by Star, Brad Pitt reportedly begged for Jennifer Aniston to star in a movie about their romance. However, the latter disagrees as she thinks it's a recipe for disaster.

"Jen and Brad have been toying with the idea of co-starring in a film loosely based on their own love story and the subsequent breakup." the source said.

The film is hard for Aniston as she's not sure if she's ready to revisit their divorce.

The report was also debunked by the outlet saying their claims were incorrect as there were no follow-up stories and fans never talked about it on the internet.

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