Rumor has it that the 11-year-old couple, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, had once reached their breaking point due to the singer's "nitpicky" characteristic.

The report made by the National Enquirer (via Suggest) from a year ago stated how "The Champion" singer has been making her husband suffer due to her "constant demands."

And to continue the report, as Underwood's album "The Gift" was finished, she expected the ice hockey athlete "to keep their house in perfect order," or else she'll "blow a fuse" once Fisher "left a crumb anywhere."

The insider leaked that Fisher is not used to having each of his moves "critiqued," despite being married for a long time.

"It's starting to get to him," the source added.

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The publisher even admitted that Mike Fisher himself was not the only one suffering, but also his family, for which the singer demanded them to clean up their diets.

  "Mike's fine with making sure the kids are squared away with breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, but Carrie's very fussy about what they eat," the mentioned insider believed.

"And she gets on his case if he doesn't leave the kitchen immaculate afterward." They also told the outlet, "Mike tells friends he's trying to be a good husband, but Carrie nitpicks about everything. Nobody would be surprised if this blows up big-time!"

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It is in doubt that Carrie Underwood's latest album may be related to their marriage or the couple themselves-noting that not all marriage is perfect.

As to debunk the whole story, Suggest believed that the article had a motive of using sexist stereotypes for which helped their narratives, which led to describing the "Before He Cheats" singer as "controlling" and "nitpicky."

The source also exclaimed that a woman could have a successful career and a healthy marriage at the same time. And to take note, Fisher and Underwood spent their alone time celebrating their anniversary during that time.

In a much recent update, the singer-songwriter even prepared a photo on their official Instagram account to commemorate the special day of the long-term couple. The post has a caption that read, "Happy anniversary, babe! 11 years sure have flown by... here's to many, many more! Love you!"

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