Jason Sudeikis is rumored to be hung up over Keeley Hazell, whom he had "hooked up" with, and is now determined to make her his girlfriend.

It seems like the actor is not ready to let his relationship with Hazell go just yet. According to Star via Suggest, the supermodel had wanted the two of them to return to being friends as she places Sudeikis "back in the friend zone" after announcing her desire to end things with the celebrity.

The publication stated that the couple wasn't seriously dating but rather engaged in a short fling when Jason began developing feelings for Hazell.

A source close to the "We're the Millers" star reported that Sudeikis knew what he was getting himself into by involving himself with the younger woman. "Jason was warned from the get-go that Keeley is more interested in a fling than a serious relationship," the insider shared.

Is Jason Sudeikis In Love?

However, no kind of pre-caution can hinder the 46-year old from pursuing the model, even Hazell herself.

The same source revealed that she apparently already tried to "gently" end things with the actor by slowly "transitioning" from being his fling to just someone he "hangs out with" constantly. Although, this strategy of hers has a high possibility of backfiring against her.

One of Sudeikis' friends admitted that the more time the pair spend together, the more hurt the star feels as moving on becomes more challenging in the presence of the person you can't have.

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The toxic cycle of hanging out as friends and trying to get over their fling had made Sudeikis fall deeper into his feelings for Hazell. According to his friends, the star has become even more hard-headed as he keeps "stubbornly insisting that he can win Keeley back."

Jason and Keeley are Just Friends

Both stars have constantly appeared in headlines as paparazzi keep spotting them hanging out together.

People reported that speculations about their dating life began after the "just friends" couple was photographed spending a whole day outdoors and hiking together. Neither party has confirmed the actual status of their relationship, but an insider confessed that what they had is "not a romantic relationship."

In 2014, the two first met on the set of "Horrible Bosses 2" where Sudeikis had been one of the main characters while Hazell was assigned the role of Chris Pine's assistant.

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