Fans were shocked after Kim Kardashian delivered her hosting skills in the funniest way last weekend for "Saturday Night Live." However, there's a particular joke that the beauty mogul was reportedly supposed to deliver, but it never made it to the final cut because of Kanye West.

According to The Sun, as reported by Daily Mail UK, "SNL" writers wanted the beauty mogul to bring up her estranged husband's tweet from last year where he called Kris Jenner "white supremacists" during the "People's Kourt" comedy segment.

Kanye is reportedly having a Bipolar episode at the time when the tweet was posted online.

The rapper is reportedly unhappy with the idea, so he demanded to "shut it down."

"Originally the People's Kourt sketch had more aggressive tweets Kanye has posted." An insider told the outlet.

Kim and Kris are also reportedly keen on the jokes and agreed that it shouldn't be a part of the skit.

Kanye West's Tweet On 'People's Kourt' Skit Issue Not True?

Per other sources familiar with the situation, the narrative is false, and "there was never a discussion around the tweet being included."

In addition, the insider also mentioned that Kanye did not want to include his posts during his bipolar phase in July last year.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Being Sweet To Each Other During 'SNL' Taping

According to onlookers who spoke to Page Six, the rapper was sitting in for and center for his estranged wife's opening monologue.

The former couple was reportedly "waving and making eyes at each other." Kim also proudly introduced herself as "Kim Kardashian West."

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Kanye was also a big part of Kim's gig as he reportedly helped the "SKKN Beauty" CEO with her hosting duties. Per sources, Kim was nervous about the whole "SNL" situation, but she's determined to be a success.

The rapper is "quietly advising her on her performance," including her opening monologue and costumes that she used for the show.

Kim Kardashian In 'SNL'

Kim broke the internet once again after opening "Saturday Night Live" wearing a pink crushed velvet bodysuit.

During her opening monologue, the mom of four made fun of Kanye, her family members, past scandals, and more.

Kim also appeared in several skits with "SNL" stars. In one segment, she shared a kiss with Pete Davidson, which shocked fans.

Kanye is reportedly "fine" with the kiss, and he has no hard feelings against the two.

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