"Dancing With the Stars" becomes a trending topic on social media week after week for one unsurprising reason.

Long-time fans of the show are just over the new host Tyra Banks and her "extra."

The model-turned-host is currently facing some heat for the "tragic" ensembles she wears on the show.

During the latest episode of "Dancing With the Stars," social media users immediately rushed to Twitter to slam the 47-year-old for her recent over-the-top outfit.

For Monday's Disney night, Banks wore a patterned tan and brown gown with loads of fur.

One Twitter user fired off and said, "She's taking the attention from the dancers... we should not be tweeting about her bad wardrobe choices."

Another said, "Someone tell Tyra #DWTS isn't about her and her questionable costume choices."

More fans confessed they don't enjoy watching Tyra Banks' outfits on the show.

"Why do Tyra's wardrobe people hate her?" one Twitter user asked.

Another fan wrote, "Tyra is so extra," while a third said, "What is Tyra Banks wearing????"

Tyra Banks' Monday choice of clothing wasn't the first time that received some backlash on the show.

Fans previously also slammed her for wearing an outfit inspired by Britney Spears last week, but she had to clap back at her haters for the massive hate she keeps getting weekly.

In an Instagram post, she defended the green dress complete with a yellow snake on last week's episode, similar to what Spears wore on her music video for "Slave 4 U."

In the caption addressing her critics, she said, "When you adore someone, you celebrate them bigtime."

She then gave a shoutout to Spears and who seemed to be her stylists.

"Imitation is the best form of flattery cuz we all know there's just one YOU."


Tyra Being A Diva Contributes to Toxic Work Environment

On the show, people are reportedly calling Tyra Banks a "diva" and a "nightmare" to work with because of her demands and being disrespectful to the crew.

There is reportedly a toxic work environment now because of her and her attitude is rubbing the crew the wrong way.

A source told The Sun,"Tensions are high in the ballroom. Between low ratings, COVID outbreaks and constant managing of the Tyra backlash, the producers are on edge about everything," they declared. 'I wouldn't be shocked if this is the last season."

If the show's ratings plummets, it's only a matter of time that this former beloved show gets canceled.

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Tom Bergeron Tired of 'DWTS' S-ts

Tom Bergeron, the first and long-time host of "Dancing With the Stars," shared some of his thoughts on the newly-developed show.

In an episode of "Bob Saget's Here for You" podcast, he claimed that he wasn't surprised that the 29th season would be the final one in the show.

Before Tyra Banks replaced him, Bergeron said that he and the show's bosses were already butting heads.

He further said that the direction "DWTS" has been evolving isn't the show he used to love.

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