Bobby Flay seems to be wanting more from Food Network as he requested a huge paycheck following his announced departure from the channel.

The 56-year-old star reportedly asked for "a hefty payday" that would become a reason for him to stay with Food Network before parting ways with Flay, with the culinary company, per People.

It has already been a week since the chef announced that he would be leaving the network after 27 years of working under them.

As told by an insider, they revealed how Flay had negotiations with the company before he left, where he got to strike a deal that would make him earn more compared to how much he usually gets. "Bobby wanted a contract in the ballpark of $100 million," the source said.

Why Is He Asking?

The insider also leaked that the star asked for a contract that would go against fellow star Guy Fiere, where he earns $80 million. The source also commented on the said comparison as the two contracts are "not apples to apples."

"Guy has a three-year deal," the insider continued. "The terms of what Bobby was looking for were gravely different than just cash."

The said insider also stated that Fiere's terms were longer, and their scope of work was different, "thus the dollars were different."

They explained why there was a huge difference between $80 million and $100 million.

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And Food Network Disagrees

The source concluded that Food Network, which was owned by Discovery network, could not meet with the agreement with Flay.

"The two sides were just way too far apart. It became clear the two could not and would not be able to come to terms and so the network decided to move forward without him," the source said. "Regardless, it was really much more amicable than you'd think. It was strictly business."

According to The New York Post, Flay was reportedly "whipping up" a new contract as his deal for three years with the network was set to expire, but he cut ties with them later on.

However, the report confirmed those negotiations were shot down amid chatter that both sides operated "far apart on financial terms."

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