Ex-Portland Trail Blazers president and current Jordan Brand chairman Larry Miller revealed one of the darkest secrets a man could have - murder.

According to him,  he killed a man when he was 16 years old, and hid it from his closest friends. Even his best bud Michael Jordan did not know, until recently.

After a buddy was attacked and died in West Philadelphia, Miller became a "gangbanger" and sought vengeance, telling Sports Illustrated magazine this week that he swallowed a bottle of wine, got his revolver, and went looking for a rival gang member. 

In his haste and anger, Miller ended up shooting and killing the first person he saw. He revealed that he killed 18-year-old Edward White even though he did not even know if the said man was part of his friend's killing.

"That's what makes it even more difficult for me, because it was for no reason at all," Miller told the outlet (via TMZ). "I mean, there was no valid reason for this to happen. And that's the thing that I really struggle with and that's -- you know, it's the thing that I think about every day."

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"It's like, I did this, and to someone who -- it was no reason to do it. And that's the part that really bothers me," he added. 

In confessing this crime, he also clarified that he already paid for it -- legally at least.

Miller was taken into custody shortly thereafter... and remained in prison for several years, until the age of 30. 

After he was released from prison, Miller went on to achieve great success in the business world, working for Nike from 1997 until 2006, when he was president of Jordan Brand. In 2012, he went back to work at Nike/Jordan, where he had previously worked. 

Miller claims he's progressively revealed his secret to his inner circle over the last six months, and everyone from Michael Jordan to NBA commissioner Adam Silver has responded positively. 

Now, Miller wants to utilize his narrative to make a difference in the lives of today's children... and he's working to help those who have also experienced adversity obtain second chances.  He did not mention the word regret, but he would surely undo his crime if he could, he said. 

"If I could go back and undo it, I would absolutely do that," Miller added. "I can't. So all I can do is try to do what I can to help other people and try to maybe prevent this from happening to someone else."

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