Meghan Markle is suspected of hiding her post-pregnancy body by using unflattering, baggy clothes to soften her silhouette.

After getting spotted by paparazzi in New York City, a report talked about how the Duchess of Sussex is trying so hard to cover up and hide her figure using strategically picked outfits. However, some of the publications have claimed that Meghan has epically failed to hide anything from the public.

According to the National Enquirer via Suggest, the "Danter's Handbook" starlet had apparently gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy with baby Lilibet Diana and is currently struggling to shred the additional baby weight off.

Meghan's $100,00 Coat

Accompanied by her husband Harry, Meg garnered the attention of everyone upon discarding her cloak of a coat which was estimated to cost around a hundred thousand dollars.

The source reported that the celebrity was wearing "ridiculously inappropriate outfits" to hide her "bloated body," with the keyword being inappropriate due to how overpriced it was for the sole purpose of hiding some belly rolls and love handles.

"If Meghan hoped to hide the baby fat she can't shed under $100,000 worth of designer fashions, she failed miserably," the article stated.

The writer continued to ridicule Markle by bringing up how the apparel was not fit for the weather in New York, which was in the 70s during her visit. Moreover, it went as far as mentioning how the actress weighed 112 pounds before falling pregnant but has now "ballooned" with an added 63 pounds.

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Meghan Markle's Workout Routine

"Almost four months after giving birth, Meghan's desperately struggling to regain her sexy figure! She shed 25 pounds when Lili was born, but she's clearly struggling to drop the rest! Meghan looks to weigh about 150 pounds now and needs to work hard to lose it," the author wrote.

Based on this report by Hello magazine, the 40-year-old used to have a workout routine that targeted her posture to lose weight.

"Generally speaking, we had a full-body approach and since Meghan was on screen, we really focused on her posture," Meg's former physical therapist- Craig McNamee, said. He then continued to explain how posterior chain exercises and many core workouts helped Markle with her fluctuating weight.

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