During the recent visit of the Sussexes in New York, reports were saying that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got into a massive fight that led to the couple's short separation.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently visited New York for their special appearance on Global Citizen Live on September 25. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex held a speech as the concert advocates" "for COVID-19 vaccine distribution to countries in need," per Vogue.

The source expressed their appearance in the US as resembling what they also did in the UK, where they were "paying respects at memorials, meeting with elected leaders, visiting at-risk and vulnerable people, a mix of both raising awareness and donating funds." Aside from that, they also had a fantastic night out at the Carlyle Hotel's Bemelmans Bar, for a difference.

However, one story claimed that the couple had gone through non-stop bickering during their whole New York trip.

Inside The Day-Long Argument

In Touch via Suggest reported that along with those professional meetings and being all smiles in front of cameras, an insider leaked that they were miserable on their alone time.

The source stated that before they appeared on Global Citizen Live, they went through an "explosive argument" regarding their first daughter, Lilibet's christening, which was described to be a "sensitive topic."

They even reported audio caught their fight as their tour was recorded for what seemed to be a TV show, adding, "What started off as Harry voicing some concerns spiraled into the nastiest fight they've ever had."

As evidence supported the report, the source showed a photo of the Duke with a wire protruding from his clothes as they filmed for Netflix.

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Harry's hesitance to christen Lilibet in the UK became the reason for their fight, and the insider even called the celebration "a recipe for disaster."

As the father wanted to have a hassle-free christening in California to give his family time to calm down, Markle insisted on having Lilibet's royal christening to claim her "princess title," per insider.

The fight has gotten big that Markle resorted to leaving without the Prince knowing and "didn't speak in private for 24 hours," before their dinner engagement. Later, the "Suits" alum apologized for leaving, but "things are still a little tense" for the Sussexes.

There was a lot of detailed information mentioned in the article. However, it is questionable where the insider got all of this detailed information. Suggest debunked this rumor for the source not giving enough details regarding the show they are filming.

They said that the new mother of two and the royal Prince had a great time in New York. They even shared a sweet hug on stage on Global Citizen Live.

Furthermore, there was still no confirmation regarding christening plans for Lilibet. And even though she may or may not be able to have the royal way of christening, Lilibet Diana will still be a princess as soon as Prince Charles becomes king.

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