Just a few weeks after his trip to Venice with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck was spotted looking exhausted, skinny, and unkempt, said one outlet.

According to In Touch Weekly, this is a sign that he is on the verge of a relapse and that Jennifer Lopez should not ignore the danger signs, the magazine hinted. 

According to the outlet, "Ben Affleck's appearance" suggests he's not healthy. In particular  it's suggesting the possibiitly of a relapse.  However, the source added that the actor is good at manipulating the media into not thinking he will. 

In Touch Weekly claimed that Affleck's look alters depending on whether he's in front of or behind the camera. 

He certainly lights up for the cameras, but the guy in the tux smiling on the red carpet with no care in the world is not the real Ben. He's still haunted by his demons. He seems to be leading a double life," the source said. The insider added that there are also some red flags that are starting to be obvious to Affleck's family and friends that he's on the verge of a relapse.  THe one person that can be oblivious is Jennifer Lopez. 

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The source added that the actor still gambles and still maintains contact with sketchy people, but Jennifer Lopez acts like his light. Friends reportedly want her to be more cautious though. "She watched him hit rock bottom with the rest of the world," the source said. Friends believe that she should be worried it could happen again instead of being so blindly in love.

The said rumors can however be debunked. Affleck said last year that he had a relapse. That said, it does not mean it could happen again.  Morever, tHe photo of Ben Affleck looking disheveled and "in danger of relapse," was taken a long time ago. All their sightubg so far showed them looking really good and healthy together. 

Recently, the actor just spoke with a more reputable site, Extra, and claimed that not only is his career going great, he is also very happy right now.

The actor/director walked the red carpet solo on Sunday for his latest film, "The Tender Bar," and spoke to Extra about how good life is at the moment. 

"I'm very happy. It is a very happy time in my life. Life is good. I love ['Tender Bar'], and 'The Last Duel,' October 15, which I am really proud of," shared. Such is not a sign that he's on the verge of a relapse. 

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