Mathew Mindler took a readily available drug from the internet and killed himself... and his mother wants everyone to know how dangerous it is. 

According to TMZ, the Lancaster County Medical Examiner's Office determined that sodium nitrate poisoning was the cause of death for the former child star. The M.E. stated that the overdose was premeditated, and as a result, his death was classified as a suicide. 

Because of its oxidizing properties (thus it's commonly used to preserve goods like meat), sodium nitrate can cause hypotension and oxygen deprivation, which can lead to death. 

While sodium nitrate fatalities are frequently unintentional, according to Matt's mother, Monica, who discovered a horrific trail Matthew had left behind, his death was anything but. 

After checking Matt's recent Internet search history, Monica discovered that he had been searching for information on a fatal chemical related to suicide, including where people might get the substance and how it could be used to end one's life quickly and painlessly. 

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Even if it's possible that she had no previous knowledge of his experiments before his death was discovered by school officials near his institution in Pennsylvania, she wants this to serve as a warning for others. 

Monica believes that by spreading the word about the warning signals, someone else's life will be saved. After all, this was a very inexpensive device that Matthew purchased on Amazon with reasonable ease for only $15, and which Monica claims was enough to kill four people. 

As a result, she hopes Matthew's tale will serve as a wake-up call to the need of raising awareness about mental health issues.

Local officials and Millersville University, where the former child star was enrolled as a freshman, originally reported his disappearance on Thursday, August 26.

In a letter to the student body that The Hollywood Reporter was able to get, the institution acknowledged the death of Mindler. "It is with a grieving heart that I let you know of the death of 19-year-old Matthew Mindler from Hellertown, Pennsylvania, a first-year student at Millersville University. Our thoughts of comfort and peace are with his friends and family during this difficult time," the email states. 

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