Jojo Siwa is rumored to have broken up with her girlfriend, Kylie Prew, because of her "Dancing With The Stars' partner Jenna Johnson.

Speculations about the YouTuber's relationship have been circulating the internet, specifically TikTok. One user decided to collect every possible thing related to Jojo, Kylie, and even Jenna that happened throughout the previous week and then compiled it into a video dissecting the state of Jojo's love life.

   @kales_0 someone had to say it ##jojosiwa  ♬ original sound - kaelee     

  Sources reported that the TikToker who made the "breakup theory" video had used Jojo's budding friendship with the professional dancer as a means to prove that they've become something more than friends.

Is Jojo Trying to Make Kylie Jealous?

"Someone had to say it," the caption had read as the fan listed down all the moments that Jojo had "obsessed over" Jenna and ignored her actual girlfriend. The first evidence was the "infamous butt touching video" where the "DWTS" pair was recorded practicing a lift part of their routine. According to the informant, the video had gone viral due to how "touchy" the two partners were after they failed to complete the move.

 @itsjojosiwa First time was not it…. BUT we nailed it on stage!! who saw our performance from DWTS last night?!!! Link in bio to watch! @jennachmerkovskiy ♬ original sound - JoJo Siwa  

Another reason people have begun to speculate a rift between the lovers is how much less they are posting about and interacting with each other on social media. "Jojo used to post about Prew every single day," the user pointed out the difference, "then [now] she didn't even comment on her most recent Instagram [post]."

The TV personality was also noticeably posting more about her dancing partner than her girlfriend on her Instagram stories. Just like one time, she posted a screenshot of her attempting to FaceTime Johnson for the 14th time instead of Prew.

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Jojo Has Had A Tough Week

The same fan posted an update regarding the couple's supposedly break up the next day, saying that Prew is confirmed to have gone home to Florida and won't be attending "DWTS" to watch Siwa's performance.

   @kales_0 Reply to @mad.woman4pesto kylie used to be her best friend :( #jojosiwa #part2  ♬ original sound - kaelee     

  There was no 9th-month anniversary post from either party, which was odd, as they've been known to celebrate every month since they began dating. Jojo also uploaded a post and an IG story referring to Prew as her "best friend." In the same post, the 18-year old put in the caption that she had beaten her previous crying record within the week as she was preparing for her performance. This article mentioned that the celeb had a tough week due to "unspecified" issues in her private life.

"What goes on in my personal life every day is something. However, this week was very, very extreme and something that I had never gone through and something that I've never felt before and it's tough and tricky," Jojo shared.

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