Cesar Millan faces lawsuit charges from gymnast Lidia Matiss after his violent dog allegedly mauled her legs several times to the point of destroying her career.

This incident is not the first time the "Dog Whisperer" star got into trouble because of Pit Bull Junior. According to sources, Cesar attempted to hide that the trainer's pet had brutally killed Queen Latifah's dog and several other puppies.

The plaintiff reported that the incident with Queen Latifah's pet had happened in Millan's Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita and was included in the lawsuit.

Allegedly, Junior was allowed to roam without a leash inside the building even after having a history of violent behavior. Cesar then instructed his staff, including Matiss' mother, an employee at the center, to tell the actress her puppy had been struck by a car instead.

Lidia Matiss Files a Lawsuit

Lidia Matiss is not only suing Cesar for covering up his dog's previous attacks but also for jeopardizing her professional career in gymnastics.

Daily Mail reported that the athlete had also been a victim of Junior's aggressive behavior. In 2017, Lidia had gone to Millan's Los Angeles center to visit her mother when the pit bull suddenly mauled her, and she was bitten several times on her legs.

Based on the court documents, Matiss suffered excruciating pain from the attack, including a big mark on her left calf.

Her attorneys Omar G. Qureshi and Brian M. Adesman claimed that the injuries had hindered her from participating in any competitions, which had "derailed her gymnastics hopes." The timing of the incident coincides with recruitment and scouting season.

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Cesar Millan's Response

The complainant's lawyers emphasized that before attaining trauma in her legs, Lidia performed at the highest level of competition in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics Programs.

Therefore, the youth is suing the dog whisperer for unspecified damage and continuous physical and emotional distress. Lidia claims that the damages for her disfigured legs and the trauma are still ongoing even after four years have passed.

Hollywood's famous dog trainer responded to the accusations by blaming the victim and labeled her negligent. Cesar contended that the teenager risks being bitten as she was aware of the potential consequences.

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