Another "Billboard All Kill" has been made as BTS tops the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for the eighth week with their newest single, "Permission To Dance," premiered on July 9.

The K-pop group has bagged numerous titles and became the "first act in history" in the Billboard Charts as "Butter" passed the baton to "Permission To Dance" with 15.9 million U.S. streams and sold 140,100 downloads in the week ending July 15.

The official Twitter account of Billboard Charts revealed their list of "Billboard Hot 100 Top 10," Global 200 Top 10," and "The Global Excl. U.S. Top 10" all afternoon of July 19, which has BTS' "Permission to Dance" at the top, as well as their second English track, "Butter."

And now, their new song is added to the list of BTS' achievements that became No. 1 hit for Hot 100, along with: "Dynamite," "Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat) w/ Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo," "Life Goes On," and "Butter." According to Billboard, this new record earns the group the first act to replace themselves at No. 1 since Drake in 2018.

Fans Calls Out American Award Shows For Adjusted Categories? 

Just after Billboard publicized their new chart, fans went on Twitter to celebrate by trending #PermissionToDanceNo1OnHot100, which was followed by BTS' official account that humbly thanked their fans for this new record shared with the world.

However, aside from the congratulatory messages, fans have also expressed their thoughts suspecting award shows for their categories that keep on adjusting every year.

One Twitter user said, "Billboard removing top social artist. vmas removing best group category." The Korean septet has been bagging the "Top Social Artist" award from BBMAs since 2017 and the "Best Group" category from VMAs since 2019.

Another user also mentioned that the BRIT Awards have also removed the "Best International Group" category.

Chart Data on Twitter, an account that touches on the music scene's happenings, has released a post regarding a confirmation from Billboard that the VMAs will not include the "Best Group" category. Later on, after the backlash from fans, the VMAs updated that they will still present the award this year.

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GRAMMYs Also Suspected For Banning Sales Figures 

The Recording Academy's biggest award show was also added to the list. The fans also expressed their continued disappointment as The Recording Academy recently announced that they "banned the use of chart numbers & sales figures in FYC ads by companies hoping for Grammy nominations."

More Twitter users went on this tweet by saying that in exchange, "packed gifts" are acceptable instead as a way to give acts their nominations.

A lot have already gone on social media and still stood to their point that Grammys have lost its relevance and been labeled as "trash" for the music industry, even though it is a part of the 3 Big Music Award shows in America.

This issue has proven that the BTS Fans would stand against prejudice and give justice to the group's music despite being a representative from South Korea.

Check their new single here:

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