Did Prince Philip alter his $600 million will and remove Princes Charles, Andrew, and Harry from it?

Initially, Prince Philip reportedly gave the central members of the royal family a fair share of the fortunes he would left after he died. However, a news outlet claimed that the late royal changed his last will before his death and removed all the members who disappointed him.

According to Globe, the Duke of Edinburgh disinherited everyone who brought headaches to the monarchy during his final days. The insiders then named Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Prince Harry the royals who did not make it to the document.

Instead of giving them shares, Prince Philip reportedly gave them to the women who assisted him in his last years.

The sources then detailed why the three royals were reportedly removed.

Why Prince Philip Altered His Will

As for Prince Charles, Prince Philip reportedly saw his eldest child as a whining wimp who destroyed the royal family through his affair with Camilla. The heir to the throne also broke his trust by causing several scandals in the family.

Prince Andrew, obviously, gave him the last straw when he got involved with Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke of York also disrespected Prince Philip when he divorced Sarah Ferguson and spent his money in ridiculous ways.

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Prince Harry, on the other hand, never got Prince Philip's forgiveness after Megxit and his embarrassing interviews, especially the one with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Philip reportedly described all three royals as total failures, snubbing them from his will in the end.

Did Prince Philip Truly Remove Them From His Will?

While it could be a huge problem if Prince Philip indeed removed them from his last will, it is worth noting that no one - including Queen Elizabeth II - knew what his last will says.

Following his death, it was announced that the duke's will would remain a secret for 90 years in order to safeguard the monarch's dignity and standing. The High Court itself sealed the document for Prince Philip, and it has been a practice for over a century.

A private process will still be held if the royals want to unseal it after 90 years.

With that said, it is absurd to claim that the three princes were removed from the will when the document itself has not been publicized. Thus, such reports should be taken with a grain of salt.

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