Daniel Craig had apparently given up his recurring role as James Bond after realizing his fear of doing scenes with stunt work.

The 53-year old will no longer have the title of Agent Double O Seven as he already confirmed his departure to the movie franchise after appearing as Bond for the last time in "No Time To Die." Now, fans are more curious about why Craig decided to quit his role rather than who could be the next James Bond.

The National Enquirer via Suggest speculated that the actor's reluctance to continue in reprising the role is all because of the scary stunt work that he's required to participate in.

"Daniel insists on doing his own stunts, but it's left him bruised, bloodied, broken, and battered. He's afraid the long-term effects may be devastating. It's a miracle he isn't in a wheelchair already," the article's inside source stated

Daniel Craig Doesn't Need A Stunt Double

The "Knives Out" star had reportedly injured himself on many occasions as most of the characters he plays are trying to escape, run away, or fight someone or something.

Craig's teeth and leg were broken while filming for "Casino Royale" and "Spectre," respectively. The man's shoulder was also heavily injured after performing a stunt for "Quantum of Solace," where he had almost gotten his finger sliced off, as well.

Even during "No Time To Die," the celebrity had garnered a severe leg injury. "His body is telling him to quit now- before he does permanent damage," the informant relayed to the publication.

The source also mentioned Daniel's wife- Rachel Weisz, who apparently begged him to "step away" from the role before it was too late. The insider shared insight on the couple's stand on things saying, "[Rachel is] deeply concerned about him and worries the job will jeopardize his ability to be a healthy dad to their little girl."

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Will Daniel Craig Quit Doing Action Movies?

Time and time again, Craig had voiced out his strong desire to quit doing action movies. Just like the time he was interviewed after "Spectre" came out, the actor said he would rather slit his wrist than do another James Bond film, yet five years have passed, and he's still the James Bond that we watched on screen.

Moreover, he's not the only actor who carried the role of the British Secret Intelligence agent then decided to quit. Pierce Brosnan, who was assigned to be Bond before Daniel, also gave up the position before reaching his fifties.

It seems like the action star will not be retiring from the industry anytime soon as sources revealed that he'll star in Director Todd' Field's "The Creed of Violence." From the title, it sounds like a lot of dangerous stunts will be done by Craig again.

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