Lashana Lynch could possibly become the very first female 007 agent in the history of "James Bond" movies.

The latest installment of the franchise- "No Time To Die," features actor Daniel Craig's final moments as the secret agent as his departure from the movie also marks the end of an era. The spotlight now focuses on actress Lashana Lynch as a candidate for Bond's new generation.

According to this source, the period when 007 was depicted as a Martini-swigging womanizer ended with his new leading lady helping him become more stable through their relationship. It also doesn't hurt that they're the perfect partners-in-crime.

The actress was fully involved in Namo's transition from the side-kick to Agent Bond herself.

Lashana shared her thoughts to the publication by saying, "The fact that [Nomi] was even an idea in the first place is just a reflection of where we are in the world, where we are continuing to go, but also where the franchise is."

Daniel Craig's Role in the New Bond Era

"And it would be a shame not to do that- so they're doing exactly the right thing and I think they'll continue to do that in the future," Lynch continued in her statement.

The "Captain Marvel" star continued to mention how Craig's participation in the film had "shifted" the movie franchise for the better. Following the topic of female inclusion in such a heavily masculated role is a sign of progression.

The transfer of roles from "James Bond" to "Nomi Bond" also affected the part of Double O Seven's leading lady, who will no longer be changing anytime soon. The role will be filled again by a familiar face as Lea Seydoux is confirmed to return as Dr. Madeleine Swann.

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Is James Bond No Longer Relevant?

Based on this article, the French actress also has a few sentiments on Daniel's impact on the film since he was cast in 2006.

"Bond has really changed with Daniel, in the sense that he's less misogynistic," Lea claimed.

She also said, "James Bond films have always been quite relevant on the world," but more so since the transition to a female Agent Bond.

"[Females] have more depth and are stronger, but not only stronger, because they are skilled and powerful, but also we want to have more interesting female characters- we want to relate to them," Seydoux said.

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