Halsey is recently making headlines for all the wrong reasons after a Los-Angeles based stripper accuses the singer of "humiliating" her during an event in 2019. More recently, the woman posted a follow-up video on her TikTok account saying fans are sending her hate messages after being viral.

In the emotional video, Honey LeStrange visibly cried while ranting about people who made fun of her physical appearance after exposing Halsey.

"Celebrity Stan culture is f****** disgusting. Y'all would rip out someone's throat over someone you don't even know," she wrote in the caption. (watch the full video below)

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LeStranged said she didn't expect her video to go viral. She then explained that people had been making fun of her eye in the comment, but little did they know, the stripper was suffering from a medical condition.

"For people who are making fun of my eyes, they're genetically big, and this is from a medical disorder," she said while pointing in her left eye.

She said she got bullied for having a medical disability which made her mental health worst.

To conclude the video, LeStrange said this would be the last time she spoke out about the situation.

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What Happened Between Halsey, Honey LeStrange?

According to her previous TikTok video, as reported by The New York Post, LeStrange previously worked at the Hollywood strip club Cheetas in 2019.

Halsey, who prefers "she/they" pronouns, reportedly rented the venue to promote their song "Nightmare." The stripper said it was "the most humiliating" experience of her life in public.

"Halsey technically owes me some money." She added. She said the singer requested the management to have all 40 strippers be present at the venue.

LeStrange explained that she had to wait in line to perform as all women were reportedly invited to dance on a small stage.

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When LeStrange was able to go on stage at around 1:40 AM, she was excited because patrons had been tipping with big money throughout the evening.

However, while she was doing her routine, the club manager told her to get off the stage because Halsey would sing their songs.

People stopped tipping her and left the venue after the singer performed, assuming that the event was over.

"I got pity-tipped $20 by people who were looking at me like a sad f****** puppy," Lestrange claimed, saying she went home almost empty-handed at the end of the night," she added.

At the time of this writing, Halsey has not publicly responded on the matter.

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