Ben Affleck has been sober for years now after a long battle with alcoholism, but is it true that he's going back to his old habits, as seen on his different appearance recently?

According to a report published by In Touch, the actor has slipped from his sobriety and relapsed. An insider reveals Affleck "looked really thin and tired," far different from when he appeared at a movie premiere at Venice Film Festival with Jennifer Lopez.

The actor faces the cameras with a smile, but he's reportedly hiding something and not showing his authentic self.

For years, Affleck has struggled with his drinking habits, and the source said he's currently "haunted by his demons."

In addition, the report noted the "Gone Girl" star's relapse in 2019 after being sober for an entire year, saying it's "awful" to see him "suffer another set back" following his achievement.

"There are some red flags: He still gambles and is in contact with some old friends who could be considered shady," the source said.

His current partner, Jennifer Lopez, is reportedly worried as everyone else despite being a "good influence" to the actor.

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Ben Affleck Relapse Issue Debunked

After the issue circulated, Suggest debunked the claims saying the report only based their story on one photo of him frowning and the rest is mere speculation.

Furthermore, the outlet says the report has no other proof to back their story, and they're making the situation worse as they have not offered any support or insight into the actor's well-being.

The actor also attended the movie premiere of "Tender Bar" a few days ago, and he's visibly happier than ever. He said, "It is a very happy time in my life. Life is good." (watch the video above)

Ben Affleck's 2019 Relapse

Affleck had previously relapsed from his sobriety when he was spotted partying in 2019.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the "Justice League" star was caught on video wearing a suit and a skull mask, and he appears to be walking unsteadily as he walks toward his car.

Following this, TMZ spoke to the actor outside Jennifer Garner's house. He said, "It happens, it's a slip, but I'm not going to let it derail me."

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