Will all of Queen Elizabeth II's hard work, dedication, and service to Britain and its other sovereign countries go to waste? 

The British royal family has received a serious warning from a royal historian that Barbados could be a mark of the start of a domino effect as it heads toward getting rid of Her Majesty as its head of state.

What Did Barbados Do to Queen Elizabeth II?

Known as Little England, the Caribbean island nation of Barbados will be removing Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state later this year. 

The nation is one of the 16 countries that still recognize the 95-year-old monarch as its head of state. 

After more than 20 years of careful planning, Barbados will become the world's newest republic while removing Queen Elizabeth II as its nominal head of state. 

According to Prime Minister Mia Mottley, "The time has come for us to make decisions fully on our own. It's not a divisive decision. We believe that the time has just come for us to boost the confidence of our people."

Now, the Queen only rules about 15 countries.

But it isn't just Barbados that's planning to do this, but another British Commonwealth as well. 

It has been reported that Jamaica is also considering removing Queen Elizabeth II as its nominal ruler. 

The Domino Effect

As Barbados steams ahead with its plans, royal commentator Dr. Ed Owens has warned that the Caribbean country will not be the last to overthrow the British crown. 

In fact, he claims that Barbados' plan is "probably the beginning of the domino effect we are going to witness."

He explained, "[It] does to some extent point towards a future where the monarch will no longer have this role as head of state of various other realms and countries." 

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Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles
(Photo : Paul Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Owens further stressed that this republicanism wave and the nation's desire to be independent won't apply in other realms that still recognize Queen Elizabeth II as their sovereign for the coming years. 

"These things often take time to change, I am not anticipating we are going to witness the Queen losing her position as head of state of various other countries anytime quickly."

Owens added, "I imagine [the domino effect] will take time because there is got to be a political consensus behind any movement for a republic," as she is still head of other islands in the Caribbean. 

And as for Prime Minister Mottley, Owens said that it is known her political plan is always republicanism. 

So by electing her, "The people of Barbados were signaling clearly they agreed with her politics and program for a republic in Barbados."

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