A newly unearthed video showed the horrifying rehearsal of Jonathan Goodwin on "America's Got Talent: Extreme" set that almost claimed his life in an instant.

As Goodwin continues to fight for his life following his tragic accident on "AGT: Extreme," multiple news outlets shared an exclusive video that caught everything that happened to the contestant.

In the now-viral video, the "AGT: Extreme" contestant can be seen getting sandwiched between two cars while being suspended 70 feet above the ground. Instead of freeing himself from his suspenders before the vehicles collided, he found himself in the middle of them during its impact. An explosion happened before missing the mattress and hitting his head.

A 911 call also recorded the public's response to the incident, with a woman describing the contestant's condition as something agonal and posturing. The crew on set also thought he was dead after the grisly accident.

However, a spokesperson for "AGT: Extreme" confirmed that he was still responsive when he was rescued. Goodwin was then airlifted to the hospital, where he received treatments.

People who witnessed the whole stunt assumed that Goodwin might have suffered from neurological trauma, as well, due to his impact on the ground. His current status remains unknown.

"AGT: Extreme" Current Status After Jonathan Goodwin's Accident

Following the accident, a spokesperson for the show revealed that they would reschedule the recording at a later date. The same statement also sent wishes to Goodwin and his family.

"In order to focus on the wellbeing of our crew, we will be temporarily pausing production on 'America's Got Talent: Extreme' and will resume the last few days of filming at a later date. The health and safety of our cast and crew continue to be our priority," the statement to Deadline said.

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Before the accident, Goodwin successfully rehearsed his stunt for months. The daredevil also tried his act somewhere in Atlanta and showed pictures of cranes and cars he used during the practice.

"AGT: Extreme" expected a slew of death-defying performances from its contestants. An earlier press release by NBC hinted at the "most outrageous, unique and jaw-dropping acts of enormous scale and magnitude" from their hopefuls.

The winner of the show will be given a $500,000 prize.

Following the postponement of the filming, "AGT: Extreme" still has not provided a new premiere date.

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