Gabby Petito's friends do not want to hear news about Brian Laundrie's death.

On Wednesday, the authorities found Laundrie's backpack and notebook in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. What appears to be human remains were also located near the items.

According to initial reports, the remains were found in an area that was underwater until recently. Due to the body's condition, the medical examiner would reportedly have a hard time examining and processing it.

While the official report will confirm whether the remains belong to Brian Laundrie or not, Petito's friends wish that it was not the fugitive they found. Per the pal, their late friend cannot get the justice she deserves if the man has already died.

"Please don't die, Brian Laundrie."

In a statement to People, Petito's friend Alyssa Chen still prays that Laundrie will be found or come back alive as he currently has all the answers to the public's lingering questions.

"If Brian is dead, the problem is that no one will ever really know what happened or why it happened," she said. "We'll never have answers. That's why I want him to be alive, because we won't get answers otherwise. It'll be a double tragedy for him to be dead."

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As of now, no one can tell whether the remains belong to Laundrie. It also remains unknown whether the discovery would put a halt to the search. Unfortunately, if they stop now, the public fears it will be buried soon.

Meanwhile, the couple's high school friend, Ben Matula, shared the same sentiments before saying that, if Laundrie truly died, he must have nothing to think of except that death is the easiest way out.

What Happened On Brian Laundrie's Wednesday Search?

Before confirming the discovery, the Sarasota County medical examiner's office and a cadaver dog were sent to the park to check on the development.

They traveled from Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park entrance and had a 45-minute walk toward that part of Carlton Reserve.

Laundrie family attorney, Steve Bertolino, told CNN's Chris Cuomo helped with the discovery. Instead of believing them, the public began to think that there was something untrustworthy about the case.

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