Over a month since the search for Brian Laundrie began, no one ever found his body nor his traces except for his parents, who joined the operation once.

This week, FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael McPherson confirmed that the team found human remains and Laundrie's items beside it in a nature reserve in Florida. Even the backpack the fugitive carried before leaving their home was also found on the scene.

Reports said that the remains were found in the reserve's area that went underwater recently.

The authorities do not know yet if the human remains they found belong to Laundrie. However, with the things found near the body, it is highly likely they currently assume that Brian Laundrie is already dead.

On top of those developments, the fact that Laundrie's parents, Chris and Roberta, joined them on the day when the discovery took place was fishy enough.

Brian Laundrie's Parents Initially Helping Son?

Following the emergence of the reports, internet users noticed that there was something suspicious about the recent events.

On Twitter, people found it dubious how the authorities found clues only after Laundrie's parents joined them. It was also the first time they joined them after a month of intense search.

One user questioned, "Altho possible...really?! Brian Laundrie missing 5 weeks. FBI and police search with equipment and dogs find nothing. Parents, again after 5 weeks, decide to help with the search and find articles belonging to their son and partial human remains found in what, maybe hours?"

"Can Brian Laundrie's parents help me find my missing cat? I've been searching for Fluffy for weeks now but apparently 30 minutes is all they need?" another quipped.

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Meanwhile, another on-point theory came up after the discovery of human remains. One Twitter user speculated that Laundrie's parents knew where their son had been all along. When the fugitive was supposed to contact his parents again, he failed to do so.

This possibly led them to join the search immediately as they probably began to fear his death.

Laundrie's parents also offered zero cooperation with the authorities in the previous weeks and remained calm while their son was missing. They were not worried at all until this point when they possibly lost contact with him.

Still, this should be taken with a grain of salt. It is also worth noting that people still want the authorities to find Laundrie alive to resolve all the questions surrounding Gabby Petito's death.

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