The public now appeals for Alec Baldwin to be arrested after "accidentally" killing one of "Rust" crew members.

The film industry received heartbreaking news this week after two crew members of "Rust" suffered from injury following a shooting incident, and one of them - a female - tragically died.

The Santa Fe Sheriff Department first confirmed the news, saying that they sent deputies at the Bonanza Creek Ranch at 1:50 p.m. after being informed that an individual was shot. The female crew, Halyna Hutchins, was rushed to the University of New Mexico Hospital via helicopter.

Meanwhile, the second crew victim was transported to Christus St. Vincent's Hospital via ambulance, where he received his treatment.


Anchor Tessa Mentus of KOB4 confirmed that the actor and the film producer, Alec Baldwin, fired the prop firearm and harmed the film's staff. At that time, no known charges have been made yet. However, after learning that Baldwin was the one who killed the woman, internet users immediately appealed to arrest the actor.

Arrest Alec Baldwin: Internet Petitions To Charge Actor With Murder

On Twitter, users asked the authorities to convict Baldwin with several charges for killing the woman and putting the life of the other in danger.

One said, "Arrest and try killer Alec Baldwin! End his 30 year narcissistic reign of terror. This man is a disgrace to his profession and a danger to rational elements of society. #ConvictKillerBaldwin."

"My point is apparently we need to arrest Alec Baldwin for murder because a guy of his stature and fame would obviously murder a coworker on set on purpose for some reason. But you don't like him so LOCK HIM UP! Or maybe we let the story come out...? Lunatic," another penned.

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As people ask everyone's help to give justice to the crew members, a Santa Fe sheriff spokesman revealed that Baldwin had already spoken to detectives. Per the representative, the actor voluntarily came with the criminal investigators before leaving the building following his interviews.

The woman who died, Hutchins, was once named a rising star by the American Cinematographer magazine. Before her death, she was still able to post videos and images on the set, showing how much she had been enjoying the filming until her death.

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