The public is not convinced that the remains found in the Carlton Reserve are those of Brian Laundrie.

After over a month of searching, the authorities finally found human remains in the Carlton Reserve on the day Laundrie's parents joined them for the first time. FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael McPherson confirmed the development and asked for assistance afterward.

The parents joined the operation at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Florida, which is only a 45-minute walk from the reserve's entrance. During the search, Chris and Roberta Laundrie found a white bag before the authorities found a notebook and backpack they believed belonged to the fugitive. Besides those were human skeletal remains that reportedly stayed in an area that has been underwater recently.

Only one day after the discovery of the remains. The FBI Denver released an official document validating that the remains are those of Laundrie.

The events during the search, as well as the release of the remains' result, caused massive inquiry from the public.

Brian Laundrie's Parents Made The Crime Scene?

Following the absurd development, internet users quickly theorized that Laundrie's parents had something to do with an instant discovery, saying they managed to plant the evidence and tampered others to make it look like Laundrie was already dead.

One user expressed her concern and said, "I feel like the FBI found Brian Laundrie (dead or alive) elsewhere. But planted evidence and his remains in the reserve so they wouldn't look like fools for wasting millions looking for him there last month. It's just so ODD he's suddenly dead when there were sightings of him."

"#BrianLaundrie I take it the keystone cops still don't have cameras in the are to see if anyone planted evidence the day the park opened to the public? Or was this why it was opened, setting up a trap?" another added.

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For what it's worth, Chris was once supposed to join the search earlier this month. But the operation was postponed as the reserve was temporarily closed down. Only a few days after it reopened, they immediately found new evidence, which they never found despite their one-month-long search.

On top of these questions, people asked where the parents got the skeleton if they truly helped their son by planting the evidence.

Although Laundrie's family attorney already insisted there is no way the parents could tamper with the evidence, more theory came into the limelight again. Among those include Chris having contact with someone in the police department and Laundrie throwing away his stuff in the woods.

These should still be taken with a grain of salt. However, it remains unknown whether the case would be closed now that they found Brian Laundrie's alleged remains.

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