What is Brian Laundrie's cause of death?

Partial human remains and a backpack and a notebook were believed to belong to the fugitive, which was discovered on Wednesday at Myakkahatachee Creek Environmental Park.

But on Thursday, it was confirmed that the remains were the FBI's prime person of interest in Gabby Petito's death.

The remains discovered were described as "skeletal," including a portion of a skull.

Brian Laundrie's Body Condition

When the body was found inside the 160-acre park, it was in a heavily wooded area near an interstate freeway.

It is connected to the 24,000-acre Carlton reserve. Brian Laundrie's body was found in a swampy area where different wild animals like snakes, coyotes, alligators, and many more.

Like the notebook and the backpack, his belongings weren't previously found as they had been submerged, per the Tampa FBI chief Michael McPherson.

Apart from the report skull and bones reportedly found, cadaver dogs were also brought in to help find other parts of Brian's remains.

But since his remains were discovered in a skeletal state, only suggest had he had died before his body was found. Even the presence of water can complicate the timeline of Brian Laundrie's death.

The wildlife at the reserve could also speed up the decomposition process.

However, determining the cause of death would become even more complicated because of the absence of soft tissue.

Though the FBI is still trying to recover and investigate the area where he was found, it seems unlikely that the exact manner of his death will be accurately predicted.

According to Dr. Priya Banarjee, "Knowing that the body's not going to be in what I would call a normal condition, you know, decomposition, environmental effects, all of that has to have really damaged the remains."

Meanwhile, former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer said, "Partial remains is generally used to describe a body that is not fully intact."

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Brian Laundrie's Belongings Are the Answers

More questions remain unanswered following Brian Laundrie's confirmed death. Still, according to experts, the notebook discovered near his remains may have the answers to the murder of Gabby Petito.

According to former FBI profiler Jim Clemente who spoke to CNN, "If that notebook contained, for example, information that could have been admissions, it could be projecting blame or rationalization, all that information could help in the determination."

Inside Brian's bag include a notebook, a dry bag, and some clothes.

When the items were found, they were all wet but "possibly salvageable."

CNN's source added, "They are going to use any potential means to dry that out before opening it."

But the FBI will reportedly have some luck retaining what's in the notebook thanks to the advancement of forensic technology, per criminal defense lawyer Mark O'Mara.

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