Reports believe that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are coming back together amid the Duke's recent lawsuit battle.

The media have widely covered the Duke of York's issue, as he was discovered to be teaming up with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. In a most recent report, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein's sex-trafficking victims, also filed a lawsuit against the royal, now acknowledged by the UK courts, who sexually assaulted her when she was a minor, per Express.

The same article also revealed that a letter emerged from the UK's HM Courts & Tribunals Service, imprinted with the heading that read, "Re: Service of Foreign Process on Prince Andrew, Duke of York."

Royal Comeback?

The Globe made assumptions via Suggest, reporting that the Duke of York teamed up with his legal team on finding a way to dodge his current situation.

The magazine even claimed that while Prince Andrew could get away with all the legal consequences since Roberts resides in the United States, they believed he could be extradited to the US to stand trial. The victim's legal team may resort to forcing his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, to testify along with Roberts.

However, if the former husband and wife could plan to remarry again before the testification, the publisher clarified the US law guarantees that the need to justify against her "husband" might no longer be needed. The source also made another point aside from their reconciliation, stating that the two were reportedly still in love and are planning to marry again anyway.

A source close to Ferguson even said that it was "nonsense," yet another insider refuted with "Virginia's lawyers are threatening to force Sarah to testify for her and destroy Andrew's alibi, but if Sarah and Andrew are married, she won't have to."

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What Marriage?

Based on Suggest, it does not look like the Duke of York will be extradited. After reviewing the case, the UK police even said they would take "no further action" against him.

On the other hand, Andrew's legal team is confident that they can take down the suit on a legal technicality. While there are still possibilities that he will be forced to face the case, Suggest reported that "it's a bit premature to claim he's remarrying Ferguson just to poke holes in this lawsuit."

And while the Duke and Duchess of York have an unconventionally close relationship, we doubt they have any plans to remarry.

Recently, ET interviewed Ferguson and said, "We are very happily divorced to each other, It seems to work. I suppose he understands that I have a lot to do in the world."

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