Portia de Rossi has starred in a few roles in the past, like her beloved character as Nell Porter on "Ally McBeal," and Linsey Bluth on "Arrested Development." More recently, the former actress is reportedly having an acting comeback, but Ellen DeGeneres is holding her back; how true is this?

According to a report published by New Idea, the talk show host reportedly stops her wife from making a return to acting.

The report says actress Calista Flockhart wants to have an "Ally McBeal" reboot soon. However, the project has no progress as de Rossi has not committed to the show yet.

An insider said former cast members are "on board" with the upcoming project except for de Rossi as she's "the only person holding things up."

In a previous interview, Portia de Rossi revealed she was retiring from acting for life. However, there's a big chance for her to return to the hit legal show.

But, DeGeneres is getting on her way and reportedly holding her back. Flockhart is said to be irritated with the situation as de Rossi's team already had the script since April. "Calista's had enough." the source said.

The report concluded that Flockhart wants to start the show as soon as possible, and she's willing to beg DeGeneres to let her wife act again.

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Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi Issue Debunked

After the magazine published the report, Suggest debunked the claims saying there were a lot of loopholes in the story.

The "Ally McBeal" reboot is unclear as there's zero confirmation whether the show will be coming back on fans' TV screens or not.

Although there are rumors of the show coming back, the production has not confirmed it to the public.

In addition, de Rossi has publicly stated that she'll be retiring from acting for good, and her character in "Arrested Development" would be her last stint.

Moreover, if she ever wants to make an acting return, Ellen DeGeneres is likely to be supportive of her as there's no reason for her to hold her wife back from pursuing an acting role again.

Portia De Rossi's Acting Career

The Australian-American actress has starred in a few roles in movies and television such as "Scream 2" in 1997, "Ally" in 1999," "Scandal," "Santa Clarita Diet," "Cursed," and more.

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