Brian Laundrie's family sparked another shocking theory as they announced that they would not hold a funeral for the late fugitive.

After discovering human skeletal remains, Laundrie's family attorney Steve Bertolino said that the family would not offer a public service for the fugitive.

In a statement to The Independent, Bertolino said that the body would be cremated before giving it to the Laundries. This set aside the possible funeral for Gabby Petito's fiancé.

After Laundrie's autopsy returned inconclusive, the lawyer revealed that the remains would be handed to an anthropologist for further evaluation. Brian Laundrie's cause or manner of death was undetermined.

The new development sent people to assume that the body indeed does not belong to Laundrie at all.

Brian Laundrie NOT Yet Dead?

On Twitter, users shared several reasons that could prove Laundrie is not yet dead. Most of them suggested that Laundrie surely pulled his teeth out and placed them on another dead man's body.

One said, "I know this is real life and not some mystery novel, but I do feel like there's odd timing/details surrounding this Brian Laundrie thing and I wouldn't be surprised if he's not actually dead."

Another user replied with all the "wrong" parts of the development, saying, "The fact the remains were found the same day his parents started searching AND the piece of evidence was found by his dad when detectives weren't there to witness is all FISHY."

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One user also mentioned NewsNationNow's correspondent Brian Entin and told him Laundrie is still communicating with the FBI.

Amid the speculations, a forensic anthropologist said it is possible Laundrie ended up with few skeletal remains since he died inside the Carlton reserve, where thousands of flesh-eating animals reside. He added that the authorities might determine the manner and cause of death despite only finding skeletal remains.

In a new interview with Fox Business, Forensic Pathologist Michael Baden said that the cause and manner of death might be determined through autopsy and toxicology. A post-mortem examination may also help them determine the answer through the bones and soft tissues of the remains. Through toxicology, authorities could know if he overdosed himself before his death.

As of the writing, the authorities have not released an updated statement yet following the confirmation last time.

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