Brian Laundrie's notebook got much attention after the authorities found it in the Carlton Reserve.

This week, the FBI Denver unfolded a new development after finding human remains at the T. Mabry Carlton Jr. Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on Wednesday.

After conducting a comparison of dental records, the department confirmed that the remains belong to Laundrie. Aside from the remains, they also found the fugitive's backpack he brought when he left their home. One of the items inside is a notebook.

This caused the public to assume that it may have the answers to all the lingering questions surrounding Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie's case.

Experts also assumed that it could provide potential insight to complete the puzzle pieces the authorities have been solving for a while.

Former FBI profiler Jim Clemente told CNN that it might contain details about Petito or the fugitive's death.

"If that notebook contained, for example, information that could have been admissions, it could be projecting blame or rationalization, all that information could help in the determination," he said.

What Brian Laundrie's Notebook Can Reveal

After the discovery of Laundrie's belongings, multiple sources confirmed that the notebook itself was wet when it was spotted outside his dry bag. Still, the authorities assured it is possibly recoverable.

Another source told the news outlet, "They are going to use any potential means to dry that out before opening it. They'll be very careful with it."

This resonated with what a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor revealed.

Per Mark O'Mara, the FBI will indeed have the luck in recovering the contents of the notebook as the department already uses advanced forensic devices.

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"So I think there's going to be great information to come from that. Because even if there is bleeding amongst the ink and the pages, they have done a great job with even much older items that they find," he went on.

Laundrie's family attorney, Steven Bertolino, told ABC's "Good Morning America" they have no idea what is written in the notebook. He also sent a separate statement to People, saying that he is sure everyone wants to see what's written on it.

As of the writing, it remains unknown how Laundrie died or what his cause of death is.

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