Rumors are going around about Queen Elizabeth II's involvement in "putting an end" to the investigation of her son Prince Andrew.

There are speculations that the Queen had actually stepped in and saved Prince Andrew from going to jail and further ruining the royal family's reputation. According to the latest edition of the Globe via Suggest, the third child of Her Majesty will not be going to jail anytime soon, not if the Queen can do anything to prevent it from happening.

It seems like the royal had become "frantic" after finding out that one of her children is being associated with a convicted sex offender named Jeffrey Epstein and is now under the watchful eye of the Scotland Yard's investigation team.

Queen Elizabeth Saves Prince Andrew

The article mentioned how Queen Elizabeth had "secretly squashed" the ongoing inspection before "they could dig too deep into Andrew's past."

On October 11, the organization had released an official statement announcing that they would take "no further action" on the Prince's case. However, an inside source revealed to the publication, "There can only be one reason Scotland Yard closed the case- the Queen's orders."

"We hear she's shamefully involved herself in saving Andrew from the start," the informant continued to say and even started alleging a connection between the Queen and Jeffrey Epstein's death in 2018.

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What is The Queen Really Up To?

This certain news has not only spread in the UK but in America too, as a royal reporter admits the Queen's involvement is not doing her any favors with the public's opinion of her.

"I think for the Queen's image, particularly in America, it is damaging for her. People are concerned that the Queen is so public in supporting Andrew," the royal insider dishes.

Apparently, even the royal family members are starting to form their own opinions on the matter. Rumors about Prince William becoming upset about his grandmother's participation in the case also began to circulate.

"[Queen Elizabeth] is near the end of her reign and life and doesn't want to die amidst accusations her beloved son is a pedophile," one source reasoned.

However, there is no official confirmation from the Scottish organization, Her Majesty, or Prince William themselves about the validity of these statements.

In fact, E! reported that the Queen had been too occupied with touring all over the United Kingdom in early October. Now she's advised by her doctors to rest after getting hospitalized before her Northern Ireland trip.

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