Does Queen Elizabeth II have the power to stop everyone in their tracks with just one simple action? Royal experts reveal what the action signals that the royal wants her meetings to end early.

Everyone knows how booked and busy Her Majesty is these days. Even after the death of her husband- the late Prince Philip, she still managed to undertake 120 official engagements for the monarchy.

The 95-year old has a strict schedule to follow, but sometimes she just wants to end her royal duties earlier than planned.

What Has The Queen Been Up To?

People reported that Her Majesty had been away from her home in Buckingham Palace since late July as part of her duties. She was said to return from her trip from Scotland in early October as she went to the property in Balmoral.

The Queen had paid a visit to the Windsor Castle to check on the investment leaders who had recently opened the Welsh Parliament in the Cardiff Bay area.

The monarch even monitored the aftermath of the pre-launched countdown for the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. She was also spotted being accompanied by Prince Edward during her trip.

However, due to her hectic schedule, the Queen had felt unwell and was rushed to the hospital last week, where medical professionals had advised her to "take a backward step."

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Uncode Queen Elizabeth's Signals

Now more than ever, with the COP26 summit fast approaching, Her Majesty would probably use her special signal to inform her surrounding staff that she would like to retire immediately from her responsibilities.

According to Express, the Head of the Commonwealth would likely place one of her 200 handbags she would be bringing to her meetings on any table available to indicate her desire to end the event already in the next five minutes.

The publication continued to explain that if she alternatively placed the bag on the floor, then it is a sign that she is "not enjoying her current conversation and wishes to be rescued by her lady-in-waiting."

However, if she constantly switches holding her accessory from one hand to another, then it means she is "ready for the conversation she is involved in to end."

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