Queen Elizabeth is rumored to be preparing to destroy Camilla Parker Bowles' "dreams" in becoming the next Queen of England.

Gossip about the Duchess of Cornwall being "demoted" from the "future queen" to something less by her mother-in-law has circulated the internet since last year. Based on an article by the Globe via Suggest, the Queen has been modifying the monarchy lineup, starting with Camilla's royal title.

The publication reported that the wife of Prince Charles did not entirely agree with the decision. In fact, it was stated that the process "infuriated" her.

Apparently, Parker Bowles had expected the royal family and the rest of England to refer to her as "Queen Camilla" when the day that her husband becomes the King arrives. However, it seems like Her Majesty had predicted this and is already "making sure that never happens."

Queen Camilla's Ruined Dreams

"Instead of 'queen,' Bowles will assume the title of 'princess consort' when Prince Charles takes the throne,' the article stated.

The aforementioned royal name is confirmed to be unfounded in the history of the Windsor family's ruling. The Queen allegedly makes it up as she "totally invented" the title. However, Queen Elizabeth did not stop there as she also removed any sort of power that the 74-year old might have assumed she had.

According to the tabloid, "Her Majesty declared that Camilla has no senior standing in her own right," which means that when her husband- the Duke of Edinburgh, passes away, she will be removed from her royal title and privileges provided by the family.

  An insider had told the publication that the news did not deter the Duchess from achieving her goal and that she "would do anything to become Queen Camilla."

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The King's Consort

This baseless rumor has been proven false because the title has never been used. And why Camilla will be given this name after Prince Charles becomes the King of England has already been explained.

According to sources, the spouse of the reigning monarch is referred to as the "consort," when the late Prince Philip had been alive, he was called the "consort of the queen," or simply the "prince consort," even though he was a royal himself.

Therefore, the woman of Clarence House will also follow this procedure and will be the first "princess consort" in history as the future consort of Prince Charles.

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