Many eyes are on Queen Elizabeth after speculations of her declining health, and so, there have been claims doctors are urging her to step down from her royal duties.

On recent events, the Queen was seen being assisted by her cane as she attended a Westminster Abbey service marking the centenary of the Royal British Legion. This became the starting point for many questioning her current health situation and others worrying.

Following that, Her Majesty also canceled her trip to the Glasgow climate summit, as her doctors ordered it.

Health Over Throne?

However, an insider from Us Weekly via Suggest revealed, "There's a growing sense among the queen's inner circle that her reign is inevitably drawing to a close."

The informant also believed that the Queen is in "excellent condition" at her age, "but the feeling is that she needs to take a step back and allow herself more rest instead of pushing herself in an official capacity."

Doctors even advised the royal to drop her evening cocktails, but the report said, "she doesn't get what all the fuss is over." Not only that, but they also urged the Queen to step down from her royal duties.

 "She takes on a lot because she feels up for it," they leaked, "despite those around her thinking that she can't handle it."

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Is The Queen Going To Step Down?

It is far from the belief that Queen Elizabeth will pass the throne to Prince Charles anytime soon. Her health has always been highly secretive, making any articles claiming having "accurate details" highly doubtful as per Suggest.

Furthermore, the Queen seemed to be in good health and even visited her other public appearances without her cane.

After headlining in many outlets after hospitalization, Buckingham Palace immediately released their statement, "Following medical advice to rest for a few days, The Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today, and remains in good spirits."

Later on, Her Majesty canceled a two-day trip to Northern Ireland on doctors' advice.

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