If there are two things Americans have been obsessed with for years, it's reality TV and crime drama - and in the midst of the pandemic, a show called Tiger King landed on Netflix and blessed desperate streamers running out of content with one of the most-talked about stories of this century so far in both categories.

There's no telling if Tiger King would have gotten as much attention if it had if everyone wasn't locked inside, but either way, it's a whole new ballgame now that everyone on the show knows they're a household name.

Tiger King 2 - notably not billed as Tiger King season 2, for whatever reason - promises a continuation of the high-stakes drama everyone was talking about after season one ended but with...even higher stakes. Why? Because they're all famous now.

While the Tiger King 2 trailer talks about the events of last season and what everyone thinks they need to do (get Joe out of jail, convict Carole of murder, etc. etc.), but it's interspersed with shots of everyone involved living the high life, being photographed with models and getting blinged out as voiceovers explain, "Tiger King changed our lives overnight...we have more money than God right now."

What will this motley crew do now that they have the eyes - and the money - of the nation upon them? What does that bright and sudden a spotlight do to people who are already under strain, and how does it affect how they handle their issues? Will Carole Baskin ever go to jail? Will Joe Exotic be freed?

All that and more will come to light when Tiger King 2 hits Netflix on November 17.