Queen Elizabeth has been advised to take a rest after she spent a night at a hospital last week amid her health scare, but last month, the monarch was forced to give up one of her favorite hobbies because of discomfort. Is this related to her current health condition?

According to Express UK, the 95-year-old Queen had reportedly given up horseriding since early September when she was at Balmoral.

The Queen is "extremely disappointed" as she cannot ride horses anymore because she feels uncomfortable.

Per sources, the royal has been riding horses for a long time as it has been a part of her "ritual" for most of her life.

"She has been extremely disappointed not to go riding since the beginning of September." the insider said.

Queen Elizabeth is determined to ride horses again soon as it is one of her favorite hobbies.

At the time of this writing, Buckingham Palace has not confirmed whether her decision is related to her recent health scare.

Queen Elizabeth's Love of Horses

Aside from her corgis, Her Majesty is also known for her love of horses. She's said to be riding her ponies around Windsor castle if she's not in Balmoral.

The Queen is also a breeder of horses used in racing.

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Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Past-times

Her Majesty has a wide range of interests and hobbies. The Queen is still doing a lot of things on her own despite her age.

Per British Heritage, gardening is one of the Queen's hobbies in which she discovered at the age of 91. She recently found her love for plants just a few years back as she's fascinated with the art of gardening.

Previous royal family members like King George and King Edward are reportedly avid fans of pigeon racing, so as Queen Elizabeth as she remains the patron of several racing charities up to this day.

The following hobby may come as a shock to some but not to British people as they already know that the Queen has been driving herself most of the time when she can.

According to Ranker, the monarch still drives her SUV. Her love for cars dates back to World War II, when she served as an auto mechanic.

She even drove the king of Saudi Arabia a few years back during his state visit to the United Kingdom.

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