Prince Andrew's legal team is reportedly doing their best to keep Virginia Giuffre's 2009 deal with the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein a secret.

According to Express UK, Andrew Brettler, the embattled Prince's lawyer in the United States, wants a 2009 signed agreement between Giuffre and Epstein to remain sealed.

Brettler reportedly made a request through court papers submitted to US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, the person who's presiding over Giuffre's ongoing civil case against the Duke.

The 38-year-old alleged victim accuses the Duke of York of having a sexual encounter with her three times despite her being a minor.

The royal has denied all the allegations against him, saying he had "no recollection" of meeting her in the past.

Earlier this week, the Judge ruled that she must be questioned under oath by Guiffre's legal team in her case by July 2022.

In order to do this, Brettler requested the Judge to remove a few things from his arguments that reveal information in the agreement.

Brettler clarified that neither Prince Andrew nor Giuffree contented that the said agreement must remain sealed.

However, the two reportedly wanted it to remain a secret as it is subject to a protective order from another judge in the case.

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Prince Andrew To Be Busy With Virginia Giuffre Case During Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Even though the Queen is going to celebrate many festivities next year to celebrate her 70th year as a monarch, Prince Andrew will still face significant dates regarding Virginia Giuffre's case.

Per court documents obtained by the outlet, the embattled Duke's dates for the case fall on the same month as the Platinum Jubilee.

The Prince is expected to file a "joint pre-trial order" regarding the civil case by July 28, 2022, a few weeks after the Queen is due to celebrate her anniversary on the week of June 2.

He will also have to provide an "expert witness" on or before May 13, 2023, and supply "rebuttal expert witnesses" by June 13.

"Prince Andrew is going to be quite busy on this civil court case right through the key months of the Queen'sPlatinum Jubilee year, as things stand at the moment." the outlet's royal editor Richard Palmer wrote on Twitter.

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