This past weekend people around the world celebrated Halloween, dressing up in a variety of different costumes. Many people came out dressed as characters from their favorite shows. As one of the top Emmy winners of the year, many people, naturally, came out in costumes inspired by the hit television show Ted Lasso. While Roy Kent actor, Brett Goldstein, shared many of them to his Instagram story, praising different people for their creativity and high quality cos-play, not everyone was met with the same costume level praise.

Senator Mitt Romney, apparently a fan of the incredibly popular sit-com, dressed up as Ted Lasso this year.

The various walks of late night television lit up with a comedic quip about the costuming choice. Late Night's Seth Meyers remarked, "Man you know you're unpopular when you single handedly ruin one of America's favorite TV shows...This just proves once again that we desperately need Roy Kent in Congress, because that picture makes me want to 'f-ing puke." Kimmel went a similarly hilarious projectile route saying, "Aww, aren't they cute? They're having so much fun while the country dies... Twitter needs a 'This May Be Vomit' button on it."   The late night witticisms at this OBJECTIVELY low hanging fruit did not rest on the photograph alone. On a Last Week Tonight segment yesterday, Mitt Romney was shown sharing his criticisms for the billionaire tax in Biden's Build Back Better bill. Romney stated: It's not a good idea to tell billionaires don't come to America and don't start your business here. You're going to tax not when they sell something, but when they own it and the value goes up...what that means is these multi-billionaires are going to look and say, 'I don't want to invest in the stock market because as that goes up I'm going to get taxed so maybe I'm going to invest in a ranch or in paintings, or things that don't build jobs and create a stronger economy. John Oliver, the show's hilarious and intelligent host, quickly joked, "Not to sound too much like Mitt's hero Ted Lasso, but Mitt must be made of wood and yapping on the owl because that man is cuckoo like a clock." I feel like Romney dressing as Lasso makes it just a bit too easy for these hosts. Didn't he see this one coming?

The Utah Senator tweeted out another picture and even tagged Jason Sudeikis in it. In reference to Sudeikis impersonating Mitt Romney on the popular sketch-variety series Saturday Night Live, Romney tweeted out, "After ten years, I'm finally returning the favor. How was my @TedLasso, @JasonSudeikis?" The tweet was accompanied by this picture.

While Suedikis did not reply directly to Romney, he liked a different tweet from former Saturday Night Live writer, Alex Baze, which read "The scariest thing he could think of was kindness."

Now, if that's not the true Ted Lasso move, I don't know what is.