During Halloween, celebrities often share their costumes influenced by horror movies, cartoon characters, and the likes. However, Britney Spears' look for this year may be inspired by herself, according to fans.

The "Gimme More" hitmaker recently took to her Instagram to share her Halloween look. The pop star can be seen lying on a carpet wearing a pink nightdress. She was also wearing furry handcuffs and fake blood on her face.

In the caption, Spears wrote a fictional story about a woman who came home alone after a night out with friends. The said girl was later found dead by her neighbor. The singer said, "it remains a mystery." (check out the photos below)

In one part of her story, she seemingly referenced her experience with her family saying, "who would do such a thing??? She had a wonderful family and of course they were nowhere nearby."

After sharing the series of images, many fans took online to express their thoughts on the situation, saying they were concerned for Britney Spears and that she needed to be "rescued." "

She still needs [to be] RESCUED." one fan wrote.

"It was her dad. Duhh," one tweeted.

"Basically you dressed up as yourself in the last 13 years," one commented. "Omg y'all saw the subliminal messages?" one pointed out.

At the time of this writing, Britney Spears has not given a context behind her story.

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Britney Spears Caught Editing Her Photos

Aside from the growing concern from fans, many users also pointed out that the photos were edited.

In one image where Spears' whole body can be seen lying on the floor, one fan mentioned that the carpet was warped, suggesting the pop star edited her photos to appear thinner.

"Edited again, the carpet is all warped. I wish she didn't feel the need to change her body," one fan wrote.

Is Britney Spears Suffering From Mental Health Issues?

According to Page Six, many people allege that the "Til The World Ends" hitmaker suffers from mental health issues, but details behind her diagnosis have not been publicized.

A few months ago, her father Jamie Spears claimed in the court filing that if details about his daughter's life-including the highs, lows, addiction, and mental health- is to be publicized, people would praise him instead of tearing him down.

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