Brian Laundrie's potential cause of death has been determined, and the internet ended up comparing it to how he probably killed Gabby Petito.

Over a week since the authorities conducted a comparison of dental records and found out that the remains belong to Laundrie, Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman shared a shocking statement related to the case.

During his conversation with law enforcement leaders on Saturday, Sheriff Hoffman said Laundrie probably died by suicide. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune quoted that the sheriff assumed the fugitive went to the Carlton Reserve where he committed suicide.

But regardless of how he died, internet users offered hair-raising reactions to the new potential development.

Brian Laundrie Killed Himself The Way He Killed Petito?

On Twitter, users who have been tuning in to the case reacted to the report about Brian Laundrie's potential cause of death.

One even compared it to how he killed his fiancée - but in a less painful way.

"Rumors circulating that #BrianLaundrie may have killed himself with sodium nitrate. It's believe to induce death painlessly by causing low blood pressure and limiting the flow of oxygen to the body-almost like how he murdered Gabby, but we know that wasn't painless. My god," one said.

The same substance was used by Matthew Mindler to commit suicide this year.

Meanwhile, others also explained how suicide is currently the only cause of death that could make sense.

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Another refused to call him a mastermind and dismissed the claims that he faked his death, saying, "Stop giving #BrianLaundrie more credit than he deserves. He wasn't some criminal mastermind who faked his death. (In my opinion) he was an abusive shithead who killed his girlfriend and then himself once he knew he was going to be caught."

The authorities found his remains in the Carlton Reserve on October 20 - over a month since his parents reported him missing on September 17.

Even after his death, he was not named as the murderer who killed Gabby Petito. However, he remains as a person of interest - but he is no longer alive to finally give answers to people's lingering questions.

Brian Laundrie's parents reportedly plan to cremate the remains once the authorities are done examining them. The previous result came back without offering a concrete answer, leading them to move forward to try other tests.

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