Are Prince William and Kate Middleton actually expecting a new baby daughter soon?

"They've been acting so excited lately, and the buzz is that Kate could be three months along already," a source told OK! via Suggest, claiming that the Cambridges have an "exciting secret" that they've been keeping for a long time. And that secret is referencing the mother of three's pregnancy. They even stated that the couple's children are aware of it as well.

"They've told the kids they should expect a sibling soon. They can't wait," the informant gave Princess Charlotte a special mention, as she will finally have a little sister.

Kate Showing Pregnancy Symptoms?

The said article even detailed that the Duchess of Cambridge has been losing weight, and it is because of the severe morning sickness that caused her to experience nausea and her weight to drop "somewhere around 96 pounds."

Yet, despite all nausea and weight loss struggles, the Cambridges were still "ecstatic" for another blessing coming their way. The same insider continued, "But she's feeling much better now and looks radiant."

The outlet also believed that Queen Elizabeth was "overjoyed" about the news amidst her having a health crisis recently. The informant said, "Kate and William were so happy to be able to give her something to celebrate."

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Is She Really Pregnant?

They even emphasized that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the last to get the message regarding her pregnancy. "That had to do more with the difference in time zones, but word has gotten back that they were a little miffed to be so far down the chain of communication," the insider leaked.

Regardless of that, the outlet also reported that Kate and William hoped that their children would happily play together soon and "see the day that they can put their differences with the Sussexes aside."

Just as the source would describe the article regarding the Cambridges "expecting a baby girl," it is a sensitive topic to be talked about. There was still not enough evidence suggesting that Kate Middleton is pregnant as the royals keep their private lives away from the public eye as possible.

It's doubtful anyone close to the Cambridges is leaking such sensitive information to the tabloids, per source.

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