A now-viral video shows what happened to Henry Ruggs III and his victim after the shocking crash occurred.

A few days after Ruggs killed a woman and her dog following his impact, a new disturbing video shows the athlete sitting feet away from the victim's Toyota engulfed in flames.

As posted by a news outlet, the video features Ruggs and Kiara Washington hugging each other after slamming his Corvette into the back of the Toyota Rav4 in Las Vegas. The clip also recorded the duo's conversation, with Ruggs telling her he was sorry as she grabbed his face.

One witness then led an officer to him, telling the respondent that Ruggs was the one who crashed the vehicle.

"That's Henry Ruggs right here. That's Henry Ruggs right here. He plays for the Raiders," the witness says.

Meanwhile, Washington then yelled for help and asked everyone to assist him after losing consciousness. At that time, one tire of the victim's Rav4 started to explode due to extreme heat and fire.

The crash happened at 3:39 a.m. when the Raiders WR crashed his Chevrolet Corvette into a Toyota Rav4's rear in a residential area near the intersection of South Rainbow Boulevard and South Spring Valley Parkway.

Authorities confirmed that Ruggs showed signs of impairment when they interrogated him on the scene. They arrested and booked him afterward on charges of DUI and reckless driving.

The police documents also revealed that he went 156 MPH before the crash and hit the Toyota at 127 MPH. He also had a gun inside his vehicle.

Henry Ruggs III's Girlfriend Discloses Critical Information Related To Case

Aside from the recent fatal crash, it seems like it was not the first time Ruggs ever went beyond the speed limit.

As reported by The Sun, Washington once shared a clip to her YouTube where she giggles when the athlete starts his car's engine. The Review-Journal first obtained the clip titled "Wild Out Wednesdays." It was reportedly recorded around September 2020.

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After telling the Las Vegas Raiders' star to slow down, she asks him not to do it anymore, to which Ruggs replies by teasing her and telling her she looks scared.

Their victim's close friend, Devante Burnham, called Ruggs and Washington's behavior something selfish.

"To me that kind of behavior is selfish. Because he's not thinking about anyone's well-being nor the possible fatal outcome and destruction he could cause. It's selfish and it didn't need to happen," he said.

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