Was Chris Laundrie involved in Brian Laundrie's death?

Although the search for Laundrie was over, the case stirred more curiosity when a man who was fishing in the Fort De Soto Park reeled in a gun from the waters. The firearm was reportedly inside a plastic bag.

The man who found it, Christopher Sacco, called the Pinellas County Sheriff's office and reported the event. Authorities from the office went to the area and took the weapon before entering it into Florida Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center.

Dog The Bounty Hunter and his team combed the area's land previously, but Laundrie's remains were later discovered in the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County.

The police are reportedly holding the gun in evidence, as confirmed by WFLA's Josh Benson.

"GUN. Checked in with the man who found the gun in #FortDeSoto more than a week ago. Says he only took one pic and turned gun over to Pinellas County authorities. Sheriff's Office tells me they have it in evidence and there's been no update just yet," he shared on his Twitter account.

Following the emergence of new evidence, people started making theories again, involving Laundrie's father, Chris.

Did Brian Laundrie Commit Suicide, Or His Father Chris Killed Him?

On Twitter, people flocked together again and shared their opinions on the discovery of the firearm.

The thread owner said, "Latest update on #BrianLaundrie case: police are holding a gun 'in evidence' as results of anthropologist examination are expected within weeks. Does that mean BL shot himself, or did CL shoot him? As weird as my theory sounds, I'm beginning to believe CL was involved."

One replied and analyzed the event timeline, saying Laundrie probably shot himself between September 13 to 14. However, his family never went near Fort De Soto after September 8, as they have been put under 24/7 surveillance ever since.

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Meanwhile, another suggested that the family probably asked for someone's help to dispose Laundrie's body.

One user approved the theory and added "evidence" to support the claim.

"He did know where to look (for the remains) and neither parents seemed worried or interested that their son had been "missing" for a month until the eleventh hour! And then suddenly he is found after the cops, fbi and cadaver dogs failed? It is all very suspicious!" the user wrote.

However, this should be taken with a grain of salt as Americans across the country own several guns, and the firearm might be from another incident. With that huge percentage of gun users in the US, there is a slim chance that the gun has any connection with Brian Laundrie's case.

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