Terry Crews might be one of the most beloved actors in the industry, but he also has bad days as he's currently facing a backlash after posting a TikTok video in collaboration with a big company.

The "America's Got Talent" TV presenter recently took to the social media platform to share a paid advertisement for Amazon.

In the video, which appears to be an ad to encourage the public to work for the company because of its benefits, the actor wore a working uniform for the company, complete with gloves, a mask, and a safety vest.

He captioned the post with, "#ad  @Amazon  has got gigs (and benefits) for days. So, check them out. Like now!" (watch the full video below)

 @terrycrews#ad @Amazon has got gigs (and benefits) for days. So, check them out. Like now!  ♬ original sound - Terry Crews 

Crews appear to work as an Amazon employee who packs orders and joking with other workers at a distribution center.

"I heard Amazon is hiring a bajilion people and thought I could take a look for myself," he said.

However, despite his charming and jolly personality throughout the video, he received backlash from online users, saying he's "cosplaying as a poor person."

"Amazon: We can't afford to pay our workers more. Also Amazon: We're going to pay Terry Crews a boatload of money to come roleplay as a poor person for a few hours," one wrote on Twitter.

"This is Terry Crews cosplaying as a poor person to do an ad for union busting. He's basically John Cena's character from Suicide Squad now," another fan wrote.

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"I really wish I was in the room when someone decided that Terry Crews portraying a poor person to do an ad for union busting was a winning idea. The disconnect between Amazon and its employees is beyond comprehension at this point," one tweeted.

Other users also called out Amazon for not hiring Crews for the ad but not paying their workers better wages.

At the time of this writing, neither Amazon nor Terry Crews have publicly responded to the online backlash against them.

Amazon, a multi-trillion company founded by Jeff Bezos, has been a center of controversy because of its treatment of employees over the past few years.

Crews' latest ad comes a few weeks after the company announced that they would be hiring 150,000 temporary workers for the holiday season.

According to Entrepreneur, the company promises to pay job hopefuls over $3,000 just for signing.

Aside from the hiring bonus, new employees could receive $18 per hour, increasing up to $21 for people who work during the night shift.

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