Alec Baldwin received a lawsuit over the fatal shooting incident on the "Rust" set that led to Halyna Hutchin's death.

The authorities continuously investigate what went wrong on the set of "Rust," and they are yet to determine whether a criminal lawsuit shall be given to the people who were negligent before and during the incident happened.

However, "Rust" key gaffer already filed his lawsuit and targeted Baldwin, armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, and assistant director Dave Halls over the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

On Wednesday, the movie's chief electrician submitted the official documents to the court and named the three individuals as the main responsible for Hutchin's death.

The document states, per E! Online, that Serge Svetnoy claimed the bullet that hit Hutchins and Joel Souza nearly struck him, as well. He also revealed he was one of the people who held the cinematographer after she was shot.

Per Svetnoy, he underwent severe emotional distress following the incident.

Why Did Serge Svetnoy Include Alec Baldwin In The Lawsuit?

For what it's worth, Baldwin fired the gun after the assistant director handed it and said it was a cold one. To everyone's surprise, it included a live round that killed Hutchins.

As for why he included Baldwin, Svetnoy said the actor was responsible for the proper handling of the prop gun.

"He owed a duty to Plaintiff and other crew members and actors on the Rust set to handle the Colt revolver provided to him by defendant Halls with reasonable care and diligence for the safety of Rust cast and crew," the document reveals.

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Svetnoy added that Baldwin had the chance to check his Colt revolver and ensured that it did not have live ammo. The actor reportedly should have treated it as if it was loaded and refrained from pointing it at anyone.

Assistant director Halls confessed to police that he did not properly check the gun before declaring it a cold gun. In addition, he himself has been fired from a previous film for a similar incident. Halls also failed to become part of another project following the misconduct complaints against him in 2019.

Previously, Svetnoy already called out the then-unnamed person who was supposed to check the gun before bringing it on the set, announcing a cold gun, and handing it to the actor.

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