Whoopi Goldberg has been a host of "The View" since the late 90s, and fans loved watching her on the show because of her firm opinions on politics and other topics. However, other panel members dislike her because of her recent poor eating habits; is this true?

According to a report published by the National Enquirer, her co-hosts are starting to get irritated with her habits as she often passes gas while filming an episode. Other panel members are reportedly suffering from a "gastrointestinal agony" because of Goldberg.

An insider spoke to the magazine, saying the Emmy award-winning actress gained over 50 pounds this year, totaling around 250 pounds.

"Her overburdened gut is erupting in flatulence, heartburn and other digestive problems," the tipster reveals.

Another source said the actress' diet is the culprit behind her digestive discomfort as she's not eating healthy food anymore.

Goldberg is reportedly eating "frozen pizza," takeouts, and candy, which are taking a toll on her health.

Her unhealthy habits are not helping with her recent weight issues as she previously had a health scare which made her cancel her appearance on the show.

Whenever she's onset, it's also affecting her professional life as a host as she often needs to cut her co-hosts off because "she needs a break really bad and some space to herself."

Aside from the abovementioned issue, Goldberg is reportedly stressed over the "contentious cat fights" happening within the table.

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Whoopi Goldberg Health Woes Issue Debunked

After the issue circulated, Suggest debunked the claims by saying the report highlighted nothing but the actress's weight.

In addition, the outlet said the report was "sketchy and incorrect" as they never presented any substantial information that would prove their claims.

Furthermore, Whoopi Goldberg has not publicly stated whether she's experiencing any health problems regarding her weight.

Although she indeed had a medical emergency a few months back, it is not related to her weight.

Per Self, "The View" host was absent from the show in June and was hospitalized, saying she dealt with sciatica, a "bulging disc in your back and it impacts the sciatic nerve, which sends pain down your leg."

"I'm telling you, it's like a bad boyfriend who came back to mess with me. There I was trying to move my leg, impossible to do. It was really horrible, but I'm glad to be here." she said.

Goldberg is now doing well as she regularly appears on "The View."

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